If you need to make a change to an item that you have already created you can modify the item on the web portal by following these steps

Step 1

Go to the Web Portal (CAS)

https://retailcloud.com and press login (log into your domain)

Step 2

From the Tabs along the top

Go to Management>Inventory Classification>Master Item

Step 3

When you are on the Master Item screen, at the bottom of the page is the search button

When you first access the screen, if you just press search it will pull up all of your items and you can select one and press Show and it will populate with that item's detail. 

To filter your selection (and not pull up all items, or pull up just one), put in some criteria (select department or enter the Item ID).

You can make your changes and press Save

Note: The search is auto populated with Store Item Type, so if you are pulling up a Service Item, change the Item Type before the search