Step 1:

From the Home Screen press the BLUE Transactions icon

Step 2: Items to Sales Cart

The Poynt comes with multiple ways to add items into your sales cart. 
Use the Menu (set up on CAS)
use the General Item Button 
Search for UPC

Note: Some businesses only use the General Sales and do not track their individual items

Step 3: Edit an Item in Sales Cart

Select the item in your sales cart to edit.
You can adjust sales price or quantity
Add Discount to this item
Add Coupon to apply to this item


Step 4: Edit all Items in Sales Cart

Swipe inward from the left (or press the More button in the upper left of screen)Add Discount to all items in sales cart
Add Coupon to apply to all items in sales cart
Make the sale taxes exempt - and more

Step 5: Completing the Sale

Select Process Payment to proceed to the available options

Step 6: Payment

Select payment tender from the dropdown 

Step 7: Credit Card Payment

Insert credit card, obtain signature and complete sale