Create a Tax Structure to apply a tax rate to an item. Items may only have one Tax Structure applied to them. 

Rates for tax structures can be overridden at a venue or store level .

link for information on: Tax Exempt Sales

Where to go: URL: https://realtimetotals.com   Log in  Management>Transactions Codes>Tax Codes

Setting up Sales Tax

Each Tax Structure must have its own unique Name. This will show up in all reports and tax filters so you should name them carefully.

Each structure can support two rates if necessary.
In Percentage 1, enter the applicable percentage rate for the first rate that will be charged.

In Percentage 2, enter the applicable percentage rate for the second rate that will be charged; otherwise it can be left blank.

Click on Save to create the Tax Structure.

More Complex Tax Scenarios

In some instances tax structures are only applicable if the item is priced above a certain amount, if that is the case enter the Minimum Taxable Amount on which the tax structure should apply.

The tax is applied to the full item price. If the price of any items associated with this structure is below the minimum amount, no tax will be applied. The minimum taxable amount can be applied to both Percent 1 and Percent 2.

You can also select the tax to be applied to "over amount" or "under amount" instead of the full amount.

Modify your Tax Rate

Changing your tax rate is done on CAS

Go to:
Management>Transactions Codes>Modify Transactions

Select Tax from the Type dropdown and press Find
Select the Tax Code to Modify

Make the changes to the tax (change the name of the Tax or change the tax rate) 

Click on Save to modify the Tax