New Features

[TAB-490] - New Transaction Cart

[TAB-503] - New Transaction Cart - QSR

[TAB-528] - Quickpick Labels are not getting reset.

[TAB-538] - Redesign of Split

[TAB-519] - Reprint Receipt


[TAB-526] - Add $5 and $10 as Cash Tendered Options

[TAB-507] - Item Scan & Add

[TAB-521] - UI Label Updates


[TAB-478] - Inventory Transfer - Renaming of process

[TAB-489] - DSR is showing wrong totals in the bottom part of receipts

[TAB-508] - Scanning issue in the New UI.

[TAB-509] - Email Receipts are not working - NEW UI

[TAB-510] - Rearrange Tender Icons - NEW UI

[TAB-511] - Split Tender Crashes - NEW UI

[TAB-512] - Keyboard Pops up on Final Screen - NEW UI

[TAB-513] - Updated to General Item Calculator - NEW UI

[TAB-514] - Cash Tender - Multiple Clicks not working - NEW UI

[TAB-515] - Keypad is Crashing on the NEW UI

[TAB-516] - Receipt Updates - 42 Column OTG

[TAB-517] - Automatic Print of Receipts - NEW UI

[TAB-518] - Size and Color on the Cart Item - NEW UI

[TAB-520] - TabPOS posted TransLevel Coupons incorrectly to transactions tables

[TAB-522] - Item adding is flashing the screen multiple times

[TAB-523] - Cart not showing the latest automatically upon adding to cart

[TAB-529] - Quickpicks are disappearing after Split Transaction by amount.

[TAB-530] - Cart - First scan opens the drawer on some Android builds

[TAB-531] - Promo Message need space after message before barcode

[TAB-535] - Cart - Transaction Level Coupon inclusion in Subtotal and Receipt Tally Issue

[TAB-540] - Special Characters - Sales Transactions Fails - Tab

[TAB-541] - Special Characters - Add Item Fails - Tab

[TAB-542] - Special Characters - Inventory Transactions - Tab

[TAB-543] - Gift Card Settings are displaying Payment Gateways on dropdown