[RCCAS1-1410] - License Check Failure for windows Dowloads even when the license exist

[RCCAS1-1438] - Store Manager Not able to add item with same name multiple times.

[RCCAS1-1440] - Error in creating package

[RCCAS1-1441] - Transaction level coupon not posting on PSR and Sales TS Report

[RCCAS1-1444] - Store Manager role not able to create Financial Reconciliation Transaction

[RCCAS1-1451] - Create coupon incorrect Modify Date Format fails messages on Windows POS

[RCCAS1-1455] - Not able to add new item with same name on Master Item after first override.

[RCCAS1-1467] - Pricebook detail does not save the discount details

[RCCAS1-1472] - Customer Activity report with Inactive option is not properly reflecting the Customer groups

[RCCAS1-1471] - Duplicate Named Master Item pop up fails


[RCCAS1-1452] - Transaction Activity Report exchange Receipts Displaying Wrong Value

[RCCAS1-1463] - License Type to support GROW and PRO.