The WinPOS has the option of requiring the cashier to have a valid sales receipt # in order to do a refund. 

This feature is enable on the POS, under the Configuration Tab>Settings>Transactions. 

Processing a refund with Verified Refunds Enabled:
  • On the sales transaction screen, Press the Blue Return Button
  • Scan the bar code on the bottom of the receipt, into the box that says Select Receipt. If a receipt is not present, you will need to enter the transaction # (2016/X/X/XXX).
  • The transaction # may also be available from the Select Receipt drop down, if sold at the same store
  • A transaction number is required to process a refund.

Items to refund in cart:

Once the transaction number is entered, you will have the question, are you returning all items (Yes/No).

  • If yes, all items from the receipt are placed in the cart to return (you can delete any from the cart that are not being returned)
  • If no, the cart will not be populated and you will need to enter the items from the original transaction in the sales cart.

Completing the return:

Select tender type as usual. If by credit card, it will process credit on original credit card used.