Elo 15” User Set up Guide

The following are the steps for setting up your Elo Tablet. 

Assumption: retailcloud has registered the serial number of the tablet on the Elo Configuration Portal

Step 1:

Go to the Tablet to configure/set up

Remove the back panels on the tablet

Plug in the tablet - Power

It takes you to connections screen

Connect to internet (wifi or Lan)

Lan needs non-boot style plug, due to limited space for power cable and internet cable

Connect Peripherals (Printer, scanner)

Step 2: Loading the Application

Elo: :Draw over existing.... - Enable  (must enable or will not be able to access our application)

Register the Application

The application register page should open, enter credentials, including Register ID

Log into the application

Configure settings

  • For Elo PayPoint (All in one) Hardware > Device Select Elo (this sets up Printer, scanner, Customer display)

  • For EMV Device:   Hardware > Device Select MSR  Pax  enter IP Address:Port  Ex  (no lead zero's)
  • For Elo Tablets - Set up Hardware (If USB, should be set as default printer settings, if Lan or wifi enter IP)

To relaunch app (Elo tablets): press 2 buttons on back of tablet together

Other Areas on the Tablet

To access the Control Panel on the Device - Press 2 buttons on bottom right, Enter Password: 1elo

Functions Available on the Control Panel:

  • Network settings

  • Brightness

  • Volume

  • Apps

  • Region

  • Timer

  • Settings

  • Reboot