On the web portal (CAS), you can create a size brick which can be used to quickly create a group of items. 


Create the Size Brick (identify all of the size that you want included (such as Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large). 

This is created from the Management Tab>Inventory Classifications>Attributes>Size Brick

Note – If the size brick includes sizes that have not been previously established, a New Size can be defined.

Creating the items for the Size Brick

Create the first item on the Master Item screen, enable the Size Brick and select te size brick to be used and press save. 

All sizes in that size brick have items created

Creating the Size and Attribute Matrix

Size brick can be enhanced to include other attributes in the matrix, as well as a price matrix. 


Once the first Master Item is created (select the size brick) and press Modify Size Brick. This will navigate you to the Attribute Matrix to include attributes such as color, style, etc in the new items created. It can be expanded to also include a price matrix.

You can modify the UPC, cost per item or selling price and delete any of the items that are in the size brick that you do not want to create items for