Discounts are often used in retail to discount overstocked or end of season merchandise, and can be used to appreciate your customer base, especially if it is designed around your CRM builder and customer categories.

Where to Create or Modify a Discount 

Discounts are created (or modified) on the webportal (CAS). 

To Create a Discount:

Go to the Management Tab>Transaction Codes>Discount Codes

To Modify a Discount: 

Go to Management Tab>Modify Transactions and select Discounts from the drop down selection

How to Create a Discount

Create a name for you discount

Name it so that it is clear as to when the discount is used (this will show you the effectiveness of this promotion on your reports) or you can keep generic if it will be used for all discounted sales

Select Type of Discount

Select from Discount (%), amount ($), Cost Plus %, or Multi Item
Amount Based is $ and available on the Windows POS Application

Select Rate

Select discount rate 10% would be entered as 10

Set Venue

If you have multiple venue, indicate if the discount will be available to all or a select venue

Date Range

Set the date range for the discount to be available to your POS. If the start date is for today, set it for the previous date so that it will be availableSave your settings

Different Discount Types

Percent or $ Amount - Select how you want the discount to apply to the sale ($ Amount discount only applies to WinPOS at a transaction level)

Multiple item discount - Multi item discounts are essentially pricing on bundles (or packages) and so their pricing should be treated as an individual promotional unit price. That is to say if there is a price of $10 for 3 items and each items is $4, the 3 for $10 superseded the $12 price. Then if a transaction level discount of 20% is applied, the price should be reduced to $8.This is the only instance when a transaction level discount will be applied on a previously discounted item, as multi item discounts are really packages.

Variable discounts can also be set up so the cashier is prompted for the discount percent at the sales screen.
Example of Multi Item Discount:

Applying a Discount on the POS - to a sales transaction

Discounts can be applied at the POS in one of two ways, at a transaction level where the discount is applied across all items in the transaction, or at an item level, where it is applied on a single item. In addition items can be modified to always ring up at a discount by applying a discount code at the master item level or at a price list level.

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