There are a couple of ways to add images for your items

Using mInventory Application

Use mInventory android application to add new items into the system, when you scan the barcode a search is done for an image, if not available you can even take a picture at that time to add.

Download the mInventory application onto your Android phone

From CAS - Master Item Screen

To add the images one by one, on the web portal.

Go to Management>Inventory Classification>Master Item

Add the item or Modify your existing items

 Add the URL (or image) and Save

Import a file

Import the item images using the import file "Expanded Item Details"

On CAS go to Utilities> Advanced User Import
Select Expanded Item Details import

Download Sample CSV so you have the header format

Once file is complete same as a csv file and upload the file

For more details go to:

Additions information

How to create an image from the internet

Search item name on your browser, example "Hamburger"
Best Practice select Tools Size Medium and Color: Transparent

Save the image URL and add it to your Item on the Master Item UI (or using the Expanded Item Descriptions" Import

If you have questions on using these, on CAS press on the help button when you are on the page and it will guide you to our wiki page on the subject