Version : 201609006(

Date :  09/06/2016

Support for Tax 1 & Tax on Screen and Receipts
  Issues with DSR Print
  Issues PIN Entry on Expiring Passwords

General Improvements

Version : 201607022 (1.9.7)

Date :  07/22/2016

Support for Package Items (BETA)

Failover Mechanism for Ingenico Device Transactions (BETA)
  Refunds Total mismatch display on transaction screen
  Preconfigured Item level discounts not getting applied automatically in some case

Upgraded security for Webview implementations

Ability to sync inactive items instantly across the platform.

General Improvements

Version : 201606030 (1.9.6)

Date :  06/30/2016

Supports EMV with Ingenico Telium line of terminals. Contact support for more details

Default Printer for Primary Receipt is Star USB

Improved Clientele pages for faster Image load

Removed non useful toast message on configurations

Currency Support for All countries with ISO codes and Symbols

Version : 20160622 (1.9.5)

Date :  06/22/2016

General crash fixes and improvements since last release. 

Version : 20160609 (1.9.4 )

Date :  06/09/2016

General crash fixes and improvements since last release. 
  Some printer were not showing product name on the sale , suspended transaction receipts. 
  Fixes for demo mode issues

Version : 20160602 (1.9.3)

Date :  06/02/2016

Configuration option to personalize the quick pick mode by default
Improvements to add to cart experience where the last added item shows up on top. 
Optimized printing for all Star Micronics printer line ( USB, Wifi, Bluetooth )
General Crash Fixes and Improvements 
  Fixes for DSR , Z Report printing zeros on certain tender type in for a small set of users

Version : 20160429 (1.9.2 )

Date :  04/28/2016

Support for wirelss printing using Star Micronics TSP 100III
General crash fixes and improvements 

Version : 20160415 (1.9.1 )

Date :  04/15/2016

Brand new report module with graphs and analytics

CE Index ( Customer Engagement Index ) to measure the value of customer to merchant enagagement

Hourly Sales Report in a graphical mode
General crash fixes and improvements 

Version : 20160328 (1.9.03 )

Date :  03/28/2016

PIN Based Entry for POS Users

New workflow and temporary receipts for bar tabs using suspend transactions
General crash fixes and improvements 

Version : 20160315 (1.9.02 )

Date :  03/15/2016

General crash fixes and improvements 
  Scan issue with USB Scanner opening Settings UI in some cases
  Wrong Date format for DSR and Z Reports.

Version : 20160307 (1.9.0) 

Date :  03/07/2016

Brand new settings UI based for POS configruations

Integration with Fabric Crashlytics for Crash Monitoring

New support portal accessible directly from tablet
Enhanced information for suspend and resume transactions
Improved scanning capabilities for Star mPOP scanner
Crash Fixes and General Improvements