· From the POS – Easy access to Quantity on Hand (all locations), using the filters to locate related products or specific styles, colors, etc. Know the tools available so that you never have a customer leave without purchasing everything they want and need.


· Looking at foot traffic – As you are conscience of units per transaction, make the cashiers aware of ways to engage with the customer and make the most of each purchasing experience. Does it make sense to add a few tablets for sales associates to have on the floor (start the sale, show related products, etc with the cashier able to resume the transaction for an easy transition – no need to re-enter the items into the sales cart) 


· Classifications (item maintenance import) – In looking at your reports, could you make some changes to better the data. Adding departments or categories can help you filter your reports to truly see where your profits are coming from.


· Using the Android phone app -  ngauge – this was emphasized previously, but if you haven’t looked at this app it bears repeating. In your hand, you can always monitor your KPI’s – are the techniques to increase units per transaction that you put into motion starting working 


· Monitoring Mailchimp campaign – We provide you with the tools to deploy a promotional campaign, but equally important you want to check on the effectiveness. One key report is the Discount Report where you can check on your sales with the discount used in your campaign.

Level of Difficulty: Easy 

Time: 15 minutes