Use various reports to see your vital data –

Sales reports:

· Real Time Sales – $ amount of sales by tender type for the date and time you need, filter by any classification, such as department or category, vendor or attribute such as color or size

· Periodic Sales Report – What items are selling and when, including cost and quantity of hand to help with replenishing stock on the items that are flying off your shelves.

· Sales Tax Settlement – easy to use report to know sales amounts and sales tax collected on your transactions. Filter for date ranges needed.

Inventory Reports:

· Inventory Balance Report -   Detailed report on your inventory levels which is helpful in seeing items that are slow movers and may need to be discounted or packaged with popular items. Filter your criteria to hone in on areas to address

· Best Seller/Bottom Seller Report – See which items are your most popular sellers from many different angles and get analytics on their profitability, markdowns and even stockdays. Also, check out your bottom sellers to get a grip on what your customers are shunning and plan a strategy to address these items.

· Ngauge – Available in the retailcloud app store, this Android phone application will give you easy access to your key performance indexes. You will always have a good indication of what’s going on in the store while you are away on a buying trip or enjoying your 10 year old’s little league game.

· Looking for even more analytics? Additional reports are available as a Premium package which include the Sales Summary Report and Attribute Analysis Report 

Level of Difficulty: Easy 

Time: 15 minutes 

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