TabPOS - Setting up the Display Pole

download and register tablet POS

Steps to set up a Pole Display on a Tablet

  1. Plug USB Pole Display cable into tablet
  2. Login to tablet - Go into Configuration - Hardware - Pole Display
  3. Select which Pole Display you are using (Bixolon or OTG)
  4. Save Hardware Settings

WinPOS - Setting up the Display Pole

download and register desktop POS

Steps to set up a Pole Display on WinPOS

Verify connection used

Serial Pole Display
  1.  Plug to Com port
  2.  On the POS hardware setting, select com port depending on the serial port is plugged into on the POS
  3.  Go to the transaction screen and the pole display should display "Welcome to your Store Name" greeting.
USB Pole Display
  1. Insert the disk that comes with the Pole Display
  2. When CD appears go into USB Driver -  Windows - and run the install.bat file (Do not plug in USB until this finishes running)
  3. Plug in the USB of the Pole Display into the register (Pop up appears)
  4. Select “No, not this time” button then click next.
  5. Click “Next” button and then “Continue Anyway” button. Finally, click “Finish” button to finish installation.
  6. After Pole Display is installed, right click My Computer –  select Hardware –  select Device Manager -  select Ports (To see what COM port the Pole Display (LCI Line Display) is setup under)
  7. Open POS
  8. Log into POS
  9. Go into Configuration - Hardware – Under Pole Settings selects the Port that the Pole Display is setup under.
  10. Go into Transaction and Sales Transaction then your Pole Display should Display “Welcome to your Store Name” greeting