Start tracking customers:

With each sale, add customers and build your transaction history.

On the TabPOS solution, enable on the Tablet under Configuration>General>CRM Builder

On the WinPOS solution, enable on the desktop POS under Configuration>General>CRM Builder


Importing Existing Customer File:

If you currently have a POS system, export your customer data and use the attached file to import the customers. If you want to import past history, please contact our support department for a quote.

Adding an existing customer file (Import into CAS)


Advantages to tracking your customers: 

  • build a database of your customers to be used to send targeted promotions (easy to generate through the MailChimp integration on CAS)
  • Pull up their sales history to help with exchanges or salesperson personalized engagement
  • Enable Recommended item and have the items reflect their purchases and trends

Tracking on the WinPOS

Tracking on the TabPOS