Promotions can be applied Transaction level and item level . % based Promotions are classified as discounts and $ based promotions are classified as coupons

New Promotions ( Discount  & Coupons ) can be created here using CAS Portal 

Apply Transaction based promotions

  1. Add items to the cart 

  2. Click on the Coupon on Discount radio button from the screen below

  3. Choose/Tap the desired discount / coupon

  4. The promotions are applied to the cart. 

Reset the Transaction based promotions

  1. Click the Coupon or Discounts radio button

  2. Click the reset button on the screen

  3. The promotions will be now reset

Apply Item/Product based promotions

  1. Add an item to the cart

  2. Tap the item from the cart. 

  3. Choose the “Discount Type” or “Coupon Type” from the dropdown. 

  4. The promotion will be calculated and applied to the item and reflected in the cart. 

Tip 1: You can use a Variable Promotion  during the transaction by creating a discount / coupon code at “zero” value. This gives flexibility to apply generic promotion during transaction. 

Tip 2: Run your Promotion reports and Periodic Sales reports to see how your markdows are impacting your sales.