Overview: retailcloud has a number of ways to add customers into the system, either on the Pax A920, on the web portal (CAS) or as an import

Adding Customers using PAX A920 

Click the Customer Icon from the home screen or Customer button from right side menu of transaction screen

  1. Enter customer data. 

    1. Mandatory fields are First Name . However it is good to collect phone number or email address for customer engagement. 

  2. Click Save

Note : This is usually done when a customer is enrolled during transaction.

Customer added on the web portal ( CAS )

Customers can be individually added on the web portal 

Go to CAS> Transactions> Customers

Enter customer data - press Save


 Importing Existing Customer File:
If you currently have a POS system, export your customer data and use the attached file to import the customers. If you want to import past history, please contact our support department for a quote.

Adding an existing customer file (Import into CAS)

Tip : Classify your customers into group by demographics and run the Customer Activity Report to get meaningful insights