How to setup menu pages / quick pick  for easy access during sales transactions

Quickpages allows you to configure your most commonly used products for quick access. The system allows you to set at least 144 direct items under 12 category ( 12 x 12 ) or up to 144 attributes & classification under 12 categories. 

To see how to setup the quick pages follow the instructions below

  1. Login to CAS 

  2. Navigate to Configuration ---> POS Settings --- > Quickpick

  3. Enter the page with 12 Labels which are Level 1 categories. 

  4. Click on the “Group item” for each categories and select either 12 items And / or Attributes. 

    1. To configure item select item button and search for item 

    2. To configure attribute select attribute button and choose the type of attribute and attribute name. 

  5. Click Save on Group item Page and Label page 

To learn more about pages please visit here