1. Unbox your Pax A920 hardware. The device comes with the following

    • The A920 Device

    • Roll of Printer Paper

    • power supply/cable

    • Quick Guide

  2. Connect the micro USB charger to fully charge the device. For the first two cycles or charges,  it is recommended to charge it only after the battery drops down to 5 %.

  3. Connect to wifi 

    • Swipe from the top of the screen to see the wifi options 

    • Choose your desired wifi network / SSID and enter your password. If the network is successfully connected you will have internet connection


Activation of the device is an important step in the process. This can be only done by the retailcloud support team. If the hardware is bought directly from us it may already be activated . If it is not activated, please send an email to with the serial number from the back of the device and retailcloud will activate it on same day. 

How to verify that your hardware is already activated:

If your hardware is activated you will be able to see the mPOS app icon installed under applications as below