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Is there a short list of what I can start with on my set up

I dont want to be over whelmed with too much setting up right now. I'm really busy with the new business.

Do you have a short version of set up steps so I can get started and then in time add additional features when I have a bit more time.

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You might want to start out by reading the 6 day implementation guide, it goes through a daily progression with links to instructions on how to do the daily activities.

Here is a summary of what the first three days would look like. If you are able to address adding your product into the system and customers and get comfortable with backend functions and reports available to you, you will be ready to handle your first sales.

Day 1 - Setting up the Data

customize the default settings 

add additional employees 

Add your items If you are importing your file, you can use retailcloud’s ticket system 

Download the app from the  retailcloud app store


Day 2 - Get to know the POS


Use the Sales Transaction screen on the POS and get to know how it works 


Log into your web portal and check out the Real Time Sales Report and Periodic Sales Report.


·  Run the Inventory Listing Report to see how items were entered/importing. Make a couple of changes using the Item Maintenance Import to see how you can easily change descriptions and categories.


Day 3 - Add some customers

create and import a customer import file and look to see how you can  add customers with every sale


Think about customer groups which are used for targeted marketing campaigns to specific groups of customers


 VIP customers If you want to have a VIP group nows a good time to set that up

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