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Disable Barcode and UPC Serial number in the customer receipt...

Hi Team,

Please consider the below 4 feature requests to reduce the receipt paper wastage.

1. An option to enable/disable receipt number barcode printing in the customer receipt.

2. An option to enable/disable UPC Serial number printing in the customer receipt. Only Item name is relevant to customer. UPC is not at all relevant to a customer.

3. Reduce the space between the logo and the receipt header.

4. Reduce the space between the line items in the receipt. For eg: between Item 1 and 2. Here one line space is present between two items in the current version.

These things are consuming much space in the receipt which increases the paper wastage.



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Please make this optional on items 1,2 and 4. On retail we use the same description in an entire size, color matrix. So while a description may be all a customer needs we need to see the UPC code.

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